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QCGH Programs

This intensive programs breaks the shackles of your heart, eases the burden on the soul, and enables spiritual rebirth.The purification of sub-conscious patterns leads to new perceptions of reality and a new level of existence.

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There are only a few healers in the world who can heal and transform the consciousness of an individual by utilizing higher frequencies of pure consciousness. Mojca has entered the world of non-duality and unconditional love.


Mojca draws the attention of an individual or a group to the present moment, which is all that exists. Mojca encourage you to live firmly in the present moment, to control your thoughts and emotions and become the creators of your life.


The spiritual alchemy process has the power to transmute negative energies into positive ones, to transmute Self, and to learn to know Self as a creator of our own energetic life. Listen to the voice of your soul and realize your spiritual plan.

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As creators of our own life we perceive challenges as awelcome passage to the next, higher level of existence. Life becomes creative, interesting, full of good things, because we are no longer prisoners of ignorance and fear.

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A beautiful experience!

Our consciousness expands and we walk back towards our Self.


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